April Nolan

Bachelor of Science ~ Early Childhood Education

Illinois State University

Normal, Illinois 

Teaching is my passion.  I believe it is not only one of the most significant professions to go into, but one of the most rewarding professions as well.  As a teacher, it is my responsibility to prepare children for the future to the best of my ability.  By providing my students with enriching experiences and opportunities I hope to prepare them for the future and aide in their development along the way.


It is a fact that the first few years of a child’s life are when a child develops the most, so it is very important to provide children with as many opportunities as possible to grow and learn.  From my experience I find that children learn best by doing.  Providing children with various hands-on activities is the ultimate way to be sure that they are being active learners.  Creativity, independence, and socialization should also be focused on in an early childhood classroom.  Providing my students with as many opportunities to express their creativity is my number one goal.  Students should be given exciting and interactive activities that will promote crucial areas of development such as cognitive and emotional development.


Being a great early childhood education teacher requires a lot of knowledge and skills.  Effective communication skills are very important; not only with the students but with parents and co-teachers as well.  Being a strong teacher also requires great observational skills.  Documenting a child’s progress is very important to me.  I want to make sure I get to know each one of my students and know their strengths and weaknesses so I can adapt my lessons to each of their needs.


I became a teacher because of the profound impact I can make on a child. Teaching is a learning experience and through professional development, will continuously grow and adapt my teaching methods to insure best practices in my classroom. It is my goal that through my own knowledge of early childhood education, along with my personal experiences in the field, I am able to provide a superior teaching experience for my students. 


Early Childhood Teacher

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