The purpose of art activities is to allow children to explore the colors, textures and physical properties of materials that may or may not result in a finished product. The emphasis is on the process, not the product. As children experience art activities, they are learning about creative thinking (How many different ways can you put paint on another material? How many different ways can you shape paper? How many different ways can you form clay?)


When children are allowed to express their ideas freely, without imposing adult expectations, the message is that their unique ideas have intrinsic value. 


Excerpts taken from article titled, "Promoting Understanding of Early Childhood Education" By Leslie Abrahamson 

Art Curriculum for the 2018-19 School Year
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Mrs. Flynn, Atelierista. Click here to read her educational philosophy. 

September: Art for Peace

October-December: Earth Art

January/February: Value ~ The Light and Dark of Art



March: Global Art Study (various artists)

April/May: Observations and Recordings of our World


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