Mykela Nowicki


Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Studies, Reggio Emilia, Italy Study Abroad Program

Columbia College, Chicago Illinois

My philosophy as an educator reflect on what I believe education is. Education in Early Childhood is something that needs to be more valued, and how I think it will be more valued is by the following; treating children as citizens, as the human beings that they are. Just because they are not able to always communicate, or express ideas/thoughts doesn't mean that they don't have them.

Children should have the freedom to express themselves through any form of median and conduct studies of interest that they have about their surrounding world. Let’s not put limitations on them, as educators we are there to guide them and simply support their curiosity, we are there to expand on their thesis and help them provide the necessities to back up their hypothesis’ or understandings of the world. Children should be able to learn how to work cooperatively and show compassion of others’ values and ideas/thoughts of the world.  When we start viewing children as citizens and providing them these skills, we will start to see a child that is better prepared for the future of the developing world. Children are the light of tomorrow, let’s help them see that.

Early Childhood Associate Teacher

Prairie Classroom