Creative Movement

The Language of Movement


As a working actor, teacher and choreographer throughout Chicago for the past ten years, Mrs. Kristine Burdi-Stickeny has such a love and drive for music theater and dance. Students (and teachers) find her classes to be very focused and professional, but also lots of fun!!  


Creative Dance and Movement are important aspects of early childhood development. Beyond the physical health benefits, participating in musical, kinesthetic and spatial activities can add to the development of cognitive, logical, social and emotional learning.  


Ms. Burdi incorporates creative movement concepts, language and dance foundations into each enrichment class, allowing children to explore their kinesthetic abilities, balance and strength.  Each class will focus on evolving and expanding their appropriate motor development while encouraging the children to become more aware of their environment, space, body relevance. They will also work together as a team to create simple routines using dance and play.

Creative Movement
Creative Movement


Mrs. Burdi, Creative Movement teacher


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