Heather Escobedo


Bachelors of Arts ~ Elementary Education

Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois

I believe that the goal of education is to guide and assist children in reaching their potentials in life and understanding who they are and the strengths that they possess.  As their teacher, I will create a community within my classroom where the environment is safe, welcoming to all students, and allows for cooperative learning opportunities and positive peer interaction along with strategies and resources that are conducive to the expansion of the students’ mental abilities and the proper utilization of these tools.


My students will gain an appreciation for differences and similarities amongst themselves and others through the presentation of multiple cultures in daily lessons.  By learning how differences and similarities influence various aspects of life, the children will become more aware of how to welcome diversity throughout the world and recognize the attributes that make them unique. 


For teaching to be effective, the teacher also must have a passion for learning that can be conveyed to the students through excitement in the delivery of material and the teacher’s own thirst for knowledge.  In addition, it is critical that each lesson appeals to all children.  This can be accomplished by constantly utilizing variations in method delivery to appeal to their multiple learning styles and intelligences.  All children learn best when the education process is fun, engaging, appropriate, and relevant.


Within a school community, it is imperative that the teachers collaborate to ensure a consistent and well organized system of learning.  I am also a firm believer that education begins at home and that parent involvement, through cooperation and frequent communication, can be the additional support that a child needs to exceed expectations. 


Overall, it is my desire that all of my students will put forth a strong effort to achieve success throughout their academic areas as well as in their lives.  My exemplary organizational skills along with my commitment to design creative lessons that are both fun and engaging will perpetuate my vision of my classroom to a reality of an intricate community of accepting, productive children who look forward to walking through the doors of the school each and every day.


Kindergarten Program Director/Teacher

Lakeview Classroom

STEM Commitee Chair