Kyleen Flynn


Master of Arts Candidate, University of St. Thomas


Bachelor of Arts ~ Art Education

Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin

I believe that children are individuals every bit as unique and interesting as adults, and should be treated with the same respect and empathy that I extend to my peers.  They should be encouraged to make positive decisions, and be given the opportunity to fully explore their own creativity and intellect within a safe and stable environment that nurtures their social, emotional, and physical growth.  Teachers and students should always be using their senses to understand and explore the world, and listen to each other to deepen the relationships being built by the process of learning. It is especially important to me that I open myself up to the lessons I learn from the students themselves, and apply these lessons in my constant evolution as an educator.


My personal teaching methods pull from a combination of the Reggio Emilia approach, discovery learning, and my background as a creative arts teacher.  Children should be surrounded by an environment rich with potential discoveries, with the teacher guiding them to explore and organize the complex patterns of their world. Projects should emphasize the process of creating rather than focusing on the end product, and lessons should be molded from the children’s interest, because having a part in their education is the key to invested and enthusiastic learning.  It is also important to me to create educational spaces in my classroom that provide a variety of learning options to optimize understanding and discovery across all learning styles.


Every day I work with children, I am reminded how my own life is enriched by the countless ways they make me laugh, think, and guide me in my own journey as a teacher.  My greatest hope is that I can pass on to them my own joy in learning.



Arts & Humanities

Committee Chair