Leah Bloodgood

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Bucknell University ~ Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Children are our future.  Students need to be provided with opportunities to deepen their understanding and expand their knowledge.  Students will be provided with the means to expand their knowledge and they should be challenged in order to reach their full potential.

I believe that teachers should be a source of safety and support for all students.  All children have the ability to learn, but I believe it is a teacher’s job to provide them with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed.  My philosophy of education focuses on the individual needs of each student.  It is my job to learn and understand all the learning needs in my classroom so that lessons and activities accommodate the interests and varying needs of all my students.

Lessons in the classroom should be creative and engaging to foster a love of learning in my classroom.  My goal is for students to understand that learning goes beyond the classroom.  Just as my students are learning from me, I am also learning from them.  Students need a safe learning environment where everyone will be provided with the means to succeed.


Early Childhood Teacher

River Classroom