Megan Hart

B.S. ~ Sociology

Elmhurst College

I believe that the first years of a child’s life are the most important. Young children learn vastly and quickly during this time. Encouraging them to learn and explore is a crucial aspect of their early development.


I believe that children learn in their own way and at their own pace. As an early child educator, it is my job to build relationships with each child in order to individualize their education. This will enable each child to learn and grow successfully in his or her own way.


I believe that exploration is an important aspect in a child’s learning. Being that they are naturally curious, the best educational environment for them is one that encourages them to explore, discover, and learn.


I have a passion for early childhood education and continue to bring this enthusiasm into the classroom. It is my goal to create a caring bond with each student and their parents. I want my students to feel confident and make every moment a learning opportunity. I want my students to feel that their voices are being heard by having an open mind to their ideas. Most importantly, it is a goal for my students to feel safe and emotionally secure. I will care for each and every student who walks into my classroom and ensure that they are experiencing the best learning opportunities possible.

Early Childhood Teacher

River Classroom