Mona Webber

Certified Infant/Toddler Specialist, State of Illinois

B. S.  ~ Elementary Education and Sociology

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Teaching is not just a career. It is a gift and vital aspect of my life. Children have an incredible ability to learn which is surpassed by no other. Children need to be given the opportunity to learn from a healthy, loving and nurturing environment where they can begin to trust other adults and develop friendships. Each child learns in his or her own individual way and we as teachers need to provide a classroom that is enriching and inviting for all of its students. In order to do this, teachers should provide an environment where those children will attain emotional, social, physical and intellectual strengths to prepare them for the challenges of our ever changing world.


I believe it is important for children to have new experiences where they can learn to discover and explore the world around them. Educators should create experiences that encourage the children’s desire of learning to grow. When planning a lesson or activity, teachers must keep in mind the children’s needs and goals. This comes through careful planning and attention to detail when developing lessons. I feel it is necessary to have confidence in what you are teaching. If a teacher does not believe in what is being taught, the children never will.


Part of my philosophy is creating enriching activities where no child feels left out and everyone is given an equal opportunity to learn. Educators should also focus on the process, not the product. To me, a teacher needs to be devoted to his or her students in every possible way. The attitude and personality of each teacher is evident in the classroom. What the teacher brings to the class and the way it is presented is reflected through the students. It should be our goal to help children become happy, peaceful, giving adults with so much to contribute to society. This is why teaching is not just a career. Children are the symbols of hope for a bright future.

Assistant Director/Teacher

River Classroom

Health and Safety

Committee Chair