Nido Classroom Activity Bags

Make Your Own Play Dough:  This bag includes four recipes for various kinds of homemade dough. Three of the doughs are no cook, while the third does require some simple cooking.  The bag includes some of the ingredients needed for the dough, but it does require a few simple ingredients that most people will already have on hand. It also includes tools, accessories to be used with the dough and a tray to explore the dough on. Play dough exploration is a wonderful fine motor activity. This activity is also great for color and shape recognition.



Infant Massage:  This bag includes an infant massage book with instructions and pictures describing how to give a baby a massage as well as soothing music, a soft towel and hypoallergenic massage oil. This bag is perfect for a new way to calm and bond with your infant.



Music:  In this bag, there are all the items needed to create musical instruments.  A book that depicts the song, “Wheels on the Bus,” is included to accompany the homemade instruments. Music is a great way to introduce math skills as well as many other important areas of development.


*Some of the materials in this kit are choking hazards and require close supervision.



Texture Walk:  Create a sensorial path for your child to scoot, crawl or walk across. A variety of textured materials such as fabric, bubble wrap and sticky contact paper are provided for your little one explore. This activity encourages large motor skills as well as a sensorial experience introducing new textures to touch and feel.



Nature Hunt:  This bag contains materials such as a nature checklist, collection bag, clipboard and magnifying glass, perfect for a stroll outdoors during any season. It also includes supplies and directions for you and your child to create leaf rubbings and/or wax paper pressed leaves. This activity kit is a perfect reason to get up and get outside and experience the outdoor world with your child.



Light and Shadow:  Create an exciting invitation for your child to explore with the concept of light and shadow. It starts with a book about the basic shapes of things, and then the bag contains all that you might need to project dark shapes onto your wall or the sheet that is provided. Language and science are the main skills that are reinforced by these materials.



Very Hungry Caterpillar:  This activity bag brings the classic story of a very hungry caterpillar, by Eric Carle, to life. A felt board, felt pieces and an interactive caterpillar that your child can feed are included. This bag is great for literacy as well as fine motor skills.



Painting Kit:  This bag is a perfect way for you and your child to create an art studio in your own home! It includes paper, paints, brushes and an art tray. It also includes materials for creating a textured painting as well as edible paint options for those that are still exploring with their mouths. This bag is a great way for fostering fine motor skills as well as spatial awareness.



Sign Language:  This bag is an educational resource, mainly for the parents, including books to be read by adults as well as books to be read together with your infant.