Rebecca Connolly

Bachelor of Arts~ Elementary Education

Carthage College, Kenosha Wisconsin

 “Teachers inspire dreams, shape lives, and gives hope for the future” (author unknown).


As an early childhood teacher, I feel like it is important to understand that all children learn differently. It is important to know the strengths and needs of each child.  All children are unique and should be respected. As an early childhood teacher, we are giving the children their first impression of learning. Children learn very rapidly in their early childhood stages. They need to develop pride, confidence, and skills to be successful throughout their lives. All experiences should be positive and encouraging. I believe that all students should be active in their learning. Lessons should be student centered and have a hands-on approach. Teachers should be there to support the students learning, gather data, and learn alongside the child. Children learn through experiences such as touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing. The more hands-on experiences children have, the more curious and capable they become and, best of all, the more joy they feel about learning.

In a classroom, students should feel welcome and safe. Students should feel a sense of community. The environment needs to be a place that stimulates the children. The classroom should be a place where children feel comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes, accomplishments, and develop friendships. Parents and teachers need to work together to further support the children’s development in the classroom. 


Early Childhood Teacher

Prairie Classroom