Toddler Program

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” 

- Albert Einstein

The Toddler Program has been organized to provide care for children approximate ages 15 months to 2 years of age. One of our main goals is to help each toddler develop a positive self-image and some degree of independence and self-help skills. The toddler room has been designed to create a secure and warm environment. This emotionally responsive environment encourages each child to move about freely and explore. Most of the materials are arranged on low shelves so that the children can select their own activities.


At this age the children are acquiring language rapidly, and we strive to reinforce this growth. Some of the ways we do this are by encouraging the toddlers to express themselves verbally both to adults and other children, reading books with them, singing and expressing in words the actions and activities that are going on in the room.


The River Room is arranged so that most of the activities are child-choice. There is one short structured group activity or enrichment daily, such as art, cooking, music, movement, etc. We do incorporate the Reggio Philosophy in the classroom, in a way appropriate to the age of the children. We follow their interests, and often projects arise and are focused for some length of time, such as "cows" or "babies".

The toddler program may be the child's first experience in a group situation and we focus on helping the child develop positive peer relationships. We hope that this experience will provide a solid base from which the children can grow in self-confidence and develop a positive approach to learning.

Photo Oct 10, 10 30 40 AM
Photo Oct 10, 10 30 40 AM

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Photo Sep 19, 10 13 50 AM

Photo Oct 10, 10 30 40 AM
Photo Oct 10, 10 30 40 AM


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