S.T.E.M.: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics–the four core disciplines critical to the development of America's technological innovations today and in the future.


The Elmhurst Academy S.T.E.M. Committee is a volunteer committee consisting of collaboration between EA staff and parents to strengthen and enhance efforts and brainstorm program innovations that may be useful in formulating and improving the S.T.E.M. program.


The Elmhurst Academy S.T.E.M. Committee was created to provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in contexts that make connections between school, community, work, and to generate technical excellence and interest in pursuing related careers to fulfill future workforce technical needs. 


S.T.E.M. education offers students one of the best opportunities to make sense of the world holistically, rather than in bits and pieces. S.T.E.M. education removes the traditional barriers erected between the four disciplines, by integrating them into one cohesive teaching and learning paradigm.


Effective instruction capitalizes on students’ early interest and experiences, identifies and builds on what they know, and provides them with experiences to engage them in the four disciplines and sustain their interest. 


Questions & interest for the S.T.E.M. Committee please email Mrs. Escobedo at hescobedo@elmhurstacademy.com. 

School Committees

Elmhurst Academy is always seeking parent volunteers to help on the Parent-Teacher Collaboration Committees. The purpose of these committees is to investigate and utilize the special talents of Elmhurst Academy parents within the school community and assisting with projects that enhance our children’s learning. Other school committees that consist of faculty only include the Health & Safety Committee and the Staff Appreciation Committee.

Literacy learning begins in the home and community. It continues in school where literacy instruction should stimulate, teach, and extend the communication and thinking skills that will allow students to develop positive attitudes and to become effective readers, writers, communicators, and life-long learners. 


The literacy philosophy of Early Childhood Education is to develop strong readers and writers who successfully interact with the text for in-depth comprehension; are motivated, fluent, and flexible; and choose learning as a lifelong pursuit.


Questions & interest for the Literacy Committee please email Mrs. Dietmeyer at kdietmeyer@elmhurstacademy.com. 

Arts and Humanities

The Elmhurst Academy Nature and Garden Committee was organized with a mission to enhance residents' quality of life and to encourage and educate children, family and friends of EA to understand good land management and ways to make choices for a healthy lifestyle. With a sunny location and proximity to all of the classrooms the garden gives students the ability to tend a garden of their own and to supplement fresh, home grown produce to the EA Kitchen.


Questions & interest for the Nature and Garden Committee please email Ms. Schaller at rschaller@elmhurstacademy.com or call 630.279.2494 ext. 20.

Project Health

I want to be a “Super Health H.E.R.O!” 
H- Habits & Choices, E- Emotions & Feelings, R-Relationships with Others, O-Outlook & Perspective 

This year, the children at Elmhurst Academy are growing into “Super Healthy H.E.R.O.” while learning the importance of health and wellness during an all school initiative called, “Project Health”. As the children actively engage each week, they learn how to become healthy physically, emotionally, socially and emotionally in their daily lives.


Questions & interest for the Project Health Committee please email Mrs. Galarza at lgalarza@elmhurstacademy.com.

The mission of Elmhurst Academy’s Arts & Humanities Committee is to encourage appreciation of the arts while enhancing the vitality and creative diversity of student’s (art) work. Elmhurst Academy believes that art has the power to communicate ideas and concepts in a way that is understandable to people and especially children, and can open and engage in a complex conversation. One goal of Elmhurst Academy is to create a community of artists and a culture of activism where artists of all types (painters, graphic designers, dancers, writers/poets, spoken word, etc.) can utilize their talents to help educate the children and enhance a new way of thinking about the world around them. Another goal is to bring this community into our classrooms and share a variety of art with the EA students.


The Elmhurst Academy Arts & Humanities Committee was arranged to bring together parents, students, community members and other hobbyists to expose each other to their talents and collaborate on in-school art-centered projects/events and gather donated resources of use for the children of EA.  With a strong foundation of the fine arts, varying mediums and a wide array of interests and skills, this committee has the potential to facilitate positive and inspiring changes through the production of art. 


Questions & interest for the Arts & Humanities Committee please email: 

Ms. Flynn kflynn@elmhurstacademy.com, or call 630.279.2494 ext. 28

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