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" I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples."

-Mother Theresa

City of Elmhurst Mayor Steven M. Morley Announces Kindergarten Class Presidential Election Results

November 6th, 2019

In conjunction with the national elections, the Elmhurst Academy kindergarten class wrapped up their presidential race as they selected their new class leaders to guide them into the 2019-20 school year. After a month of campaigns, debates, and learning about elections, and a Meet the Candidate Night; the kindergarten class congratulated Hayden Brown as Class President and Alexis Swift as Class Vice President of the Elmhurst Academy 2019-2020 Kindergarten Class. 

The students jump started their political study by looking deeper into the branches of government, presidential qualifications, and responsibilities one has when holding a leadership position. With this strong foundation, the kindergarteners were motivated to become more informed citizens and mature presidential candidates as they ventured into class elections.


In early October, all kindergarten students participated in the class’s primary elections where they chose a charity to represent, developed a professional platform, and reached out to the school community with powerful campaigns and advertisements.


Following these elections, Miss Brown and Miss Swift were the only two who remained in the race and went head-to- head in the long-awaited ‘Kindergarten Debate.’ In the debate, each student addressed essential topics such as their ideas for change in the school and ways to foster a thriving classroom environment.


The kindergarten class’s final voting, which took place on election day, concluded with over eighty votes from students, teachers, and family members. The results on November 6, 2019.  were announced and celebrated with local leader, City of Elmhurst Mayor, Steven M. Morley. Mayor Morley’s presence helped reinforce the impact students can continue t

o make on their future.


Excited and hopeful for her presidential term, Miss Hayden Brown selected the Elmhurst-Animal Care Center as her charity to raise needed funds for preventative animal care. 


The Kindergarten Inaugural Ball was later in the week and celebrated the commencement of the class’s new impactful leaders. 

Teaching civics and learning about democracy is an important aspect of the kindergarten program at Elmhurst Academy; as each student learns how to be a productive and involved citizen and finds their voice to to become an agent of change in their community.

Elmhurst Academy Celebrates Meet the Blind Month

Wednesday, October 30th 2019

Elmhurst Academy Welcomes Leslie 

Hamric to Celebrate Meet the Blind Month


On Wednesday, October 30th Elmhurst Academy welcomed a special visit from Leslie Hamric from the National Federation of the Blind of Illinois to celebrate Meet the Blind Month. 

Ms. Hamric brought along her therapy dog, Gerry to demonstrate how she maneuvers and lives her life each day.  Students learned how therapy dogs are trained to help the blind and learned about various tools that she uses to help her see. Hamric used an application on her iPhone called AIRA. This is an Artificial Intelligence Remote Access where a visual interpreter  accesses her camera on her iPhone to describe the environment she currently is in. She demonstrated this and the interpreter described what each classroom looked like. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and meet her therapy dog Gerry! Ms. Hamric then presented each child with their name written in Braille. 


This was a great experience for the students and staff at Elmhurst Academy as they continue to share new experiences with young children to create an understanding of similarities and differences to people with special rights, needs, and backgrounds.

Glenbard Parent Series

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Elmhurst Academy is partnering with Glenbard Parent Series this year! See attached flyer for upcoming events!

Peace Week at Elmhurst Academy

September 20th, 2019

Elmhurst Academy faculty and students celebrated their annual Peace Week that began on Wednesday, September 11th and concluded on Friday, September 20th, the International Day of Peace. 

During Peace week, students participated in various peace activities and acts of kindness. Students learned about the meaning of Peace Cranes and participate in the peace crane exchange to spread the message of peace throughout their community. Students discussed in their classrooms what peace means to them and read various peace stories. As students are learning to work together they work with teachers to create social stories and tools for peaceful conflict resolutions. Then students participated in breathing exercises, yoga, and brain education to promote peaceful bodies. Together, classrooms then painted friendship benches for the discovery play garden. Each classroom then participated in a peace exchange with an act of kindness and peace representation to help bridge cultural boundaries and inspire kindness. On Friday, September 20th Elmhurst Academy concluded Peace Week by gathering at the community peace garden and reciting a peace pledge. 


Elmhurst Academy chooses to start each new school year off with a week of peace to help foster kindness in our school community throughout the year.


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Learn more about how Elmhurst Academy is partnering with local communities and leaders to bring meaningful, interactive experiences to our students.

Art in the Community: Throughout the school year, Elmhurst Academy showcases our students’ exceptional artwork at local arts-affiliated businesses and organizations to support their artistic worth and achievement.

Classroom Experts and Cultural Guests: In our tri-annual study of different cultures and countries, our students connect with cultural guests and experts to discover these cultures in personal and creative ways.

Guest Story Reader Program: Frequent visits from community leaders help teach our students about leadership, real world careers, and the importance of education through reading and conversation.

Special Rights Learning Series: Educating students about the similarities and differences to people with special rights and providing learning opportunities to understand and appreciate diversity in our culture. See attached flyer for more information. 

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