Shannon Rodgers

Bachelor of Arts ~ Elementary Education

Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois

I love being a teacher to enrich my students' lives as well as my own. Students need to be encouraged to have a positive attitude about learning. The purpose of education is a tool for learning and experiencing new ideas. Education involves experience, environment, social interactions, critical thinking, and should free the learners curiosity. Education is a foundation that can help us to determine our future goals. 


I believe teaching should be open-minded and adaptable to the values, cultures, and ability of all children. Building a relationship with the students and teaching them, how to interact with each other in a variety of settings should be a continuous goal. Teaching should be a combination of student and teacher centered activities, and instructive techniques should be adjusted to meet the diverse needs of children. I believe children should be introduced to a variety of subjects. Creativity, independence, and critical thinking should be valued and encouraged in the classroom, particularly to help students gain positive self-concepts. 


There are many factors that play a part in providing a quality education to students. I hope to use the resources available to me to provide a structured, yet enriching, and safe environment in which my students can communicate, discover, and explore. As a teacher I am there as an aide to provide the resources and skills necessary for the students to learn, in a compassionate environment.  It is also important to have good parent/teacher communications and to have a good relationship with fellow teachers to aide in effectively teaching their students. My belief system of education has come from my experiences of being a student, communications with other students, and my work as a teacher.  My passion is to work with children, because I love seeing that bright smile when a child understands or is interested in what they are doing. I hope that through my own beliefs and ideas I can bring a unique way of teaching into the classroom and help foster creativity in students. 


Early Childhood Teacher

Nido Classroom